Cutting Edge Technology Curriculum

Does your district struggle to get students (and teachers) excited about STEM subjects and Computer Science? You are not alone!

Less than 11% of U.S. high schools offer a computer science course.

Today’s students need to learn computer skills for tomorrow’s jobs. Yet teaching technology is the very thing that most schools are struggling to provide, because: #1: schools can’t find technology curriculum and  #2: most teachers aren’t certified to teach computer science.

Zulama has solved both problems!

#1: Zulama has developed an unprecedented way to engage teenagers in programming and STEM subjects—through game design. Our expert instructional designers worked with faculty from one of the top game design programs in the world at Carnegie Mellon University. We developed a mix of modules and courses that fit within middle school and high school curriculum.

#2: With Zulama, schools don’t need to find and hire computer science teachers. We have developed a way to make programming easy for ALL teachers to teach, regardless of their content area.

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