EMC School has acquired a cutting edge
Language Learning Solution—Zulama!

Zulama uses engaging game design projects to teach students the same programming languages that professionals use in high-tech workplaces. The expertise of EMC School in building digital competency and communications skills, coupled with the curriculum Zulama developed with faculty from Carnegie Mellon University, has meshed to form a rigorous yet easy-to-use Computer Science and Game Design product line. Zulama modules, courses and certifications are available for sale immediately as part of EMC’s computer literacy product line, and ultimately available through EMC’s immersive learning environment Passport®.

  • Programming

    Gain cutting-edge skills and develop a portfolio of games that will make you a superior candidate for a position in the game industry or any business that uses e-learning, visualization, simulation, interactive web applications and graphics-based computer systems.

  • Art

    The demand grows daily for creative professionals capable of helping people visualize difficult concepts and understand vital information. Digital art skills can be applied to careers in marketing, advertising, television and even a field like global trade.

  • Design

    Game design is a massive international industry. The Zulama program prepares you to pursue a career in "the biz", or in any field that requires a mix of creative and technical skills.

  • Storytelling

    In our internet-based culture that increasingly relies on visual information, the ability to communicate using multiple media forms is an increasingly valuable skill.

More Than Games

Through hands-on, project-based learning, Zulama students develop portfolios and skills they need to be successful in today’s global workforce. Students are prepared to pursue careers not only in the game industry, but a wide variety of fields that combine creativity and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

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