Why Should Teens Care about the Bill of Rights?

Should schools be allowed to drug test students? How much private information should schools know, for instance if student’s parents are incarcerated? The answers to these questions are not as clear-cut as they might seem at first glance.

This video gives a great peek into Zulama’s Bill of Rights Course.

The Bill of Rights
by: bvaillancourt

Course Author Ken Halla in the News

Ken Halla

Check out this recent news article to get the details about how students in Ken Halla’s AP U.S. Government course at Hayfield Secondary School are no longer lugging around heavy textbooks.

Ken Halla’s Advanced Placement U. S. Government course is available online through Zulama, click here to get more information.

Social Studies is Moving Online in Fairfax County

Thanks to a pilot initiated two years ago by Zulama course author Ken Halla, learning about social studies doesn’t just involve reading from a textbook. Students use online resources that make the content come alive. By the fall of 2011, the program spread to all 6 – 12th grade social studies courses in Fairfax County (12th largest in US).

Watch the video to see the program in action, and hear from the students!

Ken Halla and students in action

“Get to Know” Course Author Anthony Joseph

Recently we asked Anthony what inspired him to become a teacher, and he has an unusual answer!

“My 17 years teaching at a maximum security prison in the Pittsburgh area was that experience.

If I may have a minute to explain . . .

When I was in the banking business, one day I ran into a childhood friend who was connected with a university that had college classes in the prison and he asked me about teaching classes at the prison.  The teaching was voluntary; and with children, I was somewhat reluctant.  But, I said OKAY.  I stayed for 17 years, until Pennsylvania closed the program.

My night teaching was Thursday–my wife use to tell me “This was my night out with the boys!”

The rest is history.  From that teaching experience, I went back to school; teaching certification and my M.S.Ed., and I started teaching at various universities and the local community college.  I am now connected as an independent contractor at at charter school in Pittsburgh; chair of the social studies department.

I left banking, and I haven’t looked back.”

Anthony Joseph has authored the course US Military History: From Revolution to Contemporary.  . . . The American Revolution.  The Civil War.  World War II.  Vietnam.  Iraq and Afghanistan . . . These and other wars have marked the growth of the United States as it evolved as a new nation fighting for independence to becoming the world’s military superpower.  This course focuses on the key wars in our nation’s history, paying close attention to strategy, tactics, and the deployment of armed forces.

Teens—Know Your Rights!

Another course was recently added to the Zulama course catalog! Your Legal Rights: What Every Teen Should Know introduces students to the juvenile justice system. The course provides opportunities for students to read about cases brought before the United States Supreme Court, and consider how the Court’s rulings affect their daily lives.

Authors Beverly Vaillancourt and Jennifer Wilson lend their teaching and legal experience to make this course come alive for students.