Games from American History


What games did Native Americans play? How about colonists or pioneers? Find out by making and playing historical games.



Students will be able to…

  • Identify common game principles found in games played throughout American history
  • Analyze the purpose of dice in games
  • Compare and contrast board games with digital games
  • Recognize at least three historical elements in each game

Total Completion Time

Approximately 12 hours

Student Work

Here are some examples of the work that students will complete in this course:


Inside Games from American History

Inside GfAH


Course Documents

Materials & Games

  • Basic art supplies such as construction paper, markers, colored pencils, scissors, tape, glue, rulers, straws, masking tape, and cardboard
  • Playing cards (one deck per two students)
  • Dice (two six-sided dice per student)
  • Dominos (one set per four students)
  • Marbles (one set per four students)
  • Monopoly (one game per four students)

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