Gamestar Mechanic Game Design

-Student Teacher-

Learn how to apply five elements of game design to build a game using Gamestar Mechanic. You will create a design document, prototype, and playtest.




Students will be able to…

  • Identify and apply the five components of game design
  • Develop a video game design document
  • Use Gamestar Mechanic’s drag and drop features to create a playable game
  • Write player messages
  • Implement the iterative design process

Total Completion Time

Approximately 18 Hours

Student Work

Here are some examples of student work created with Gamestar Mechanic:


Inside Gamestar Mechanic Game Design

Inside GMGD


Course Documents

Gamestar Mechanic

The Gamestar Mechanic Game Design course requires students have access to Gamestar Mechanic, which is accessed through a browser here. Information on firewall configurations for Gamestar Mechanic can be found here.

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