Long Courses

Developed with faculty from Carnegie Mellon University, these courses combine cutting-edge game design, programming, and digital art curriculum with high quality, rigorous, outcome-based educational experiences. Part of the Modern Learning Computer Science Platform, each course is perfect for introducing computer science curriculum, replacing outdated elective courses, or embedding into current courses.

Course TitleLengthDescription
Evolution of Games80-120 hoursOur foundational course based on how Carnegie Mellon University introduces its students to game design. Students learn how professional game designers translate historic game elements into today's blockbuster hits.
GameMaker Programming160-240 hoursThese two hands-on courses, GameMaker I and II, teach basic programming concepts, where students code two-dimensional games using GameMaker™.
Screenwriting80-120 hoursStudents learn about storytelling techniques used in games, movies, and popular media and apply those techniques to their own original screenplays.
Game Design80-120 hoursStudents learn about the mechanics and creative process of game design by making their own original board games.
3D Modeling160-240 hoursIn these two courses, 3D Modeling I and II, students learn about and practice the highly skilled digital art of 3D modeling.
Mobile Game Design80-120 hoursIn this fun, hands-on, project-based course, students use GameSalad software to create games that can be played on iOS or Android devices.
Unity Programming I80-120 hoursThis course teaches advanced programming concepts in a hands-on environment by coding real 3D games using Unity.
Game Production & Marketing80-120 hoursThis course provides students with the opportunity to experience a career in the video game industry by role-playing different industry jobs, such as artist, project manager, and game designer.
Real World Projects80-120 hoursIn this hands-on course, students work directly with businesses, non-profits, schools, and other community organizations on real-world client projects.