Career and Technical Education

The tech industry needs qualified job candidates more than ever . . .

and now there’s a new way for you to teach computer science
to meet this growing demand.

Zulama’s innovative, robust courses use game design to introduce and develop computer science skills. This is proven to be the most effective way to engage students and prepare them for high-tech careers. Developed to mirror the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center program (ETC), Zulama meets or exceeds all of the latest computer science teaching standards.

Creating Career-Ready Students

Zulama courses prepare students for the following professional certification exams:

Zulama CourseLengthDescriptionCertification
3D Modeling I & II160-240 hoursIn these two courses, 3D Modeling I and II, students learn about and practice the highly skilled digital art of 3D modeling.Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User Exam
AP Computer Science Principles160-240 hoursThe course teaches students to use computational thinking, solve problems, analyze innovations in computing, and deeply understand the global impact of the Internet.College Board AP CS Principles Exam
GameMaker Programming I & II160-240 hoursThese two hands-on courses, GameMaker I and II, teach basic programming concepts, where students code two-dimensional games using GameMaker™.GameMaker Certification Exam (in development)
Mobile Game Design80-120 hoursIn this fun, hands-on, project-based course, students use GameSalad software to create games that can be played on iOS or Android devices.GameSalad Certification Exam (in development)
Unity Programming160-240 hoursThis course teaches advanced programming concepts in a hands-on environment by coding real 3D games using Unity.Unity Certified Associate Exam

Courses may be purchased on a per teacher/per class basis, or as an unlimited site license package.

Correlating to Career Ready Standards

Download our white paper, Career and Technology Education: Alignment with the Zulama Computer Science and Game Design Curriculum, to learn more about how Zulama curriculum correlates to CTE and Career Ready standards.