Making Games Equals Learning with Zulama!

Educational Value from Making “Stuff”

American RadioWorks has conducted a great interview of Sylvia Libow Martinez, Co-Author of “Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.”

Many educators say the best way to learn is by combining what you learn in school with real-world practice and that making something yourself or with peers is its own reward.

Sylvia discusses how standardized testing has narrowed the focus in today’s classrooms. She says that many of the engineers and game designers she has worked with were “bad at school”. Yet they are incredibly creative and inventive people.

Sylvia’s Top 3 Classroom Game-Changers:

  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics and Fabrication
  • Programming

These tools all focus on “making”, while also incorporating computing. The use of computers can help students iterate and gain practice using the same technology they will find in the workforce. Any time you can make the learning experience more authentic, for example, by bring real scientists’ tools into the classroom, students better understand the connection between school and the “real world.”

The podcast: Invent to Learn

Zulama: Making Games in the Classroom

Making and making games are real-world activities that are at the core of every Zulama course. We’re already on this!!

Examples of work students have made in their Zulama courses:

Students work on their "barnyard" game.

Students work on their “barnyard” game.

Students work on their project in Zulama's Game Design Studio course.

Students work on their project in Zulama’s Game Design Studio course.

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