Nikki Navta

Founder and CEO of ZulamaNikki Navta


Nikki graduated from St Lawrence University with a multi field major in Math and Fine Arts, and has been inventing products that combine left-and right-brain thinking ever since.

Her 20+ years working on the product development side of the educational textbook publishing industry gave her the experience and inspiration to launch an ed-tech startup.

Though a series of courses developed with faculty at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center, Zulama helps students develop critical programming, art, and design skills.

ICCC Alumni BadgeThe courses immerse students in the same technology used to design today’s most popular video games. The program combines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with the Arts to give students not only the skills but also the creativity they need to thrive in the new global digital workplace.

 A Message from Nikki:

The web has yet to truly revolutionize the way we educate.

Students are equipped more now than ever to take responsibility and control of their own learning. Getting them motivated to take ownership is the biggest challenge our education system faces.

I created Zulama to be the catalyst for engaging not only students but their mentors and teachers in interest-driven learning. With Zulama, game design is the “hook” that provides the framework in which learners work together collaboratively on real-world, meaningful projects that have long-lasting impact.