To get you started quickly and easily, Zulama offers three extremely affordable packages. Each package includes access to digital curriculum as well as implementation and training support.

New! Computer Science Courses

The Zulama Computer Science Program of Study courses include Introduction to Programming through Game Design, Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles, and Unity 3D Programming. These Computer Science courses are high-quality and rigorous, 
yet fun and easy to teach! Each course contains approximately 80-120 hours of coursework. Computer Science courses may be purchased individually on a per teacher/per class basis, or as an unlimited site license package

Game Design Fundamentals Packages

The Game Design Fundamentals Packages are based on the Zulama Short Courses, which are designed to get schools started with a wide variety of game design options very quickly and easily. These courses reflect the same high quality, rigorous, outcome-based educational experiences as our Long Courses, yet each Short Course can be completed in 20 hours or less. Short Courses are the perfect curriculum for summer camps, after school programs, and embedding into middle and high school courses. These packages also include the Evolution of Games Long Course.

Modern Learning Platform Packages

The Zulama Modern Learning Platform Packages are based on the Zulama Long Courses. Each Long Course contains approximately 80-120 hours of coursework and are perfect for replacing outdated electives, creating your own Game Design Academy, and/or embedding into current middle and high school courses. Access to the Zulama Short courses is optional.

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