BallBouncer02 - introduction to Computer ScienceIntroduction to Computer Science through Game Design

This course is a great way to hook kids who are curious about programming. 
It covers concepts such as loops, variables, conditionals, and arrays. We introduce coding using an easy, step-by-step method. Kids are immediately engaged in fun game projects that build their confidence. Students create original, portfolio-worthy games that can be played 
by family and friends!

Outcomes & Objectives


  • Design, code, debug, and implement an original 2D digital game using GML scripting language


  • Navigate GameMaker: Studio software
  • Explore computer science principles
  • Use algorithms and abstraction to build an executable 2D game 

  • Learn object-oriented programming
  • Use the agile software development technique known as pair programming to create fully playable games


This is a full-year (two semesters or three trimesters) high school course.

Course Documents

Syllabus pdf-icon    Scope and Sequence pdf-icon    Content Standardspdf-icon

Inside Introduction to Computer Science through Game Design

 Technical Specs

GameMaker Studio must be downloaded and installed onto computers with a Windows operating system. GameMaker Studio is not supported on devices such as Chromebooks or iPads.

Zulama-licensed schools can purchase GameMaker Studio licenses at an exclusive price of $25/computer. Contact Zulama at for more information on how to receive this discounted rate.

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