In-Person Training Registration

In-Person Training is required for teachers new to the program. We also strongly encourage Guidance Counselors, Principals, Curriculum Directors, IT Directors, and Administrators to participate. Basically, all adults who will be involved with the program!

After In-Person Training, teachers gain access to online Course-Specific Training for each course that they will be teaching.

In-Person Training includes:

  • an online pre-training workshop
  • an intensive one-day face to face workshop (agenda is located here)
  • two followup live webinars
  • course-specific training (more information here)
  • access to your regional user’s group
  • access to the Zulama online teacher’s forum
  • access to the Zulama online video library
  • a digital badge awarded upon completion

Scheduling In-Person Trainings:

Contact your Zulama account executive here to schedule an In-Person Training date for your school.

CancellationYou may cancel up to 16 days before your session. After that, cancellations may result in the loss of discounts your district may have negotiated with Zulama.

Minimums: A minimum of 6 people must participate in each session to ensure a rich, hands-on training experience. If we do not reach the required number of participants, we will notify you two weeks before your specified date and you may register for a different session.

BillingYour training package includes training for up to 24 teachers and administrators. If you are not able to attend your district’s training date, you are welcome to attend another scheduled training date. Contact to request available dates.