Modern Learning Platform Training

Training Sequence

  • Teachers complete an online, self-paced Pre-Training. (45 mins)
  • Teachers attend a hands-on, interactive In-Person Training. (6 hours)
  • Teachers receive a Zulama 101 digital badge.
  • Teachers complete online, self-paced Course-Specific Trainings for each course they teach. (approx 2 hours or less per course)
    • Each Course-Specific Training includes a Course Specific Activity that prepares teachers to introduce the course to their class.
    • Teachers submit each Course-Specific Activity to Zulama for review.
    • Teachers receive a Zulama digital badge for each Course-Specific Training they complete.

Contact your Zulama account executive here to schedule an In-Person Training date for your school.

Zulama_MLPTraining Package

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