Interest-Based Learning and Games ….. Duh!!!

Constance Steinkuhler describes a process that we are seeing over and over again with students in Zulama’s Entertainment Technology Academy courses. Underachievers and disinterested students suddenly come alive and re-engage when the things they are learning are relevant and matter to them.

Learning through games provides a bait-and-switch opportunity that teachers and schools really should pay attention to!



Job Outlook Infographic: Zulama = Good Prep

Zulama’s programming courses can help your high schooler prepare for careers in Computer and Information Sciences, one of the industries that is forecasted to be hiring in the next couple of years.

Plus, the attributes employers look for on a resumé (Team Player, Communication, Leadership, Problem Solving, and a strong Work Ethic) are developed in ALL Zulama courses!
Job Outlook & Starting Salaries for New Grads
Compiled by: Online Colleges Guide