MOOC Fail!

A couple of months ago I enrolled in my first MOOC, the course was on Gamification. Interesting topic, one that we think about a lot at Zulama. I was hoping to:

  • gain new perspectives,
  • understand gamification from a more formal educational perspective, and
  • connect with other people to form a more cohesive personal learning network.

The video lectures were interesting enough, the quizzes were a good check to make sure I understood the content, but my first “fail” came as I was asked not only to write a short reflective essay, but also grade four or five others in order to receive a grade on mine. Very valid peer-review process, to be sure. I just wasn’t prepared for the sheer amount of work involved. And there was a haunting thought about whether others would give my work the time and reflection that I planned to give theirs.

I worked through that first assignment, in spite of some Coursera problems that made the process even more tedious.

As a full-time student who is able to budget the proper amount of time to such a course, I may have had a completely different experience. As a CEO running my own company, there are other, much more efficient ways to learn the same information.

The next reflective essay assignment was the brick wall that I just couldn’t find the time or energy to blast through.

Anyone have a similar experience? Disagree with me and think I should have stuck it out?

My first MOOC!

Today started my first day in Coursera’s Gamification MOOC, taught by Kevin Werbach, Associate Professor, The Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania.

I watched the first 5 videos while multitasking, and still got all of the quiz questions correct. Not sure if that’s a reflection of my superior multitasking abilities 🙂 or my fairly extensive knowledge of the gamification even going into the course.

His videos are fairly well done, just about the right length. So far I haven’t been inspired to share or comment.

I have 5 more videos to watch before completing my first assignment. It’s a six-week course, I think it must be short to keep the dropout rate low!

Don’t know if any of my friends or colleagues are taking the course–maybe I missed some Facebook link, but I haven’t discovered how to find “others” yet.

Any helpful hints from other MOOC-ers out there!?

-Nikki Navta, President of Zulama

Course Author Ken Halla in the News

Ken Halla

Check out this recent news article to get the details about how students in Ken Halla’s AP U.S. Government course at Hayfield Secondary School are no longer lugging around heavy textbooks.

Ken Halla’s Advanced Placement U. S. Government course is available online through Zulama, click here to get more information.