Tsuro: The Game of the Path

Zulama Staff

Zulama staffers playing Tsuro

Today’s lunchtime game at Zulama was Tsuro, a beautifully crafted board game. We had 4 players. We played twice, and each round took less than 20 minutes.  We can best describe the game as “Chutes and Ladders meets Chess”. The game play mimics the metaphor of choice vs destiny in life. Ideal gameplay involves thinking ahead by about 3 turns, which hurt my brain but is a fun dynamic. We think the ideal is probably 4 players. I’ve also played it with 2, but thought 4 was more interesting and fun.

Overall, we liked the game, but thought there was too little control by each individual player to really make it feel like a true strategy game. It was a fun, enjoyable play, but we aren’t clamoring for a rematch.


The board, pieces, and box.

Some of us wanted to sit and ponder our moves for a while, while others were more impulsive. If you’ve played this game, did you feel the same way, and/or did you put a time limit on each player for each turn?

And yes, we were eating El Burro tacos. Mmmmmmm!

You can see our scores and more information about the game below!

Possible Points Points Awarded Judging Criteria
Components 5 4 How do the pieces feel, look, and function?
Setup 5 5 Is the game easy and fun to set up?
Rules 5 1 Are the rules clear & concise?
Quality of Gameplay 10 8 There are lots of different kinds of games. Fun games, serious games, fillers, epic journeys. This rating is for how well the game does what it sets out to do.
Fun-ness 10 8 10 being “I want to play it all the time” down to 1 which is “I never want to play this thing again!”.
Overall group score 5 3.375 Each person gives an overall score, this is the average of all scores
Game Title Tsuro
Designer Tom McMurchie
Artist Shane Small
Publisher Calliope Games
Year Published 2012
# of Players 2 to 8
Mfg Suggested Ages 8+
Mfg Suggested Playing Time 15-20 mins
Language Dependence none
Honors Creative Child: Game of the Year & Preferred Choice
Dad’s Gaming Addiction: Favorite Games
Geek Dad Golden Bots
Category survival
Mechanic strategy, chance
Family Tsuro of the Seas
Website http://www.calliopegames.com/

Tsuro Game Review