Digital Promise: Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

Zulama helped contribute to this enlightening report that was released recently from the Digital Promise, the Education Industry Association, and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education.

Download the report—it’s worth your time!

Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

Prepare now for future tech job skills?!

This is a great infographic, yet success doesn’t happen by simply getting technology into the classrooms, but also by making sure it is being used well. Some learning still takes place best in an analog fashion. But for the learning that is best served using digital means, then yes, everyone should have access!

Of course, Zulama’s success depends on students and teachers having digital access to each other and the greatest content around (ours). So we support getting more devices into the hands of the users. Including mobile devices. My question raised by the infographic is—yes, maybe we’re doing a terrible job so far, but how/where/when, and by whom, is the state of technology in our K-12 schools going to change? Is that really what the Digital Promise will provide?