Zulama Is Going to New York Comic Con!

What does our trip to New York Comic Con mean for your classroom?

Ashley, our Media Specialist, is going to New York Comic Con because we want to give students an inside look at lots of exciting, creative career paths they might pursue and capture their imaginations about their futures. Also, it’s just really fun and magical!

What exactly is New York Comic Con?

At New York Comic Con, some of the best professional artists, game designers, and screenwriters come together to discuss what’s biggest and brightest in the world of comics, media, and entertainment. Ashley will be talking with these successful professionals about their career stories, and she’ll share those conversations with students and teachers through Facebook Live interviews and video blogs. We’ve already secured interviews with artists who’ve worked on Batman, Supergirl, and Black Panther comics!

“It’s about meeting these content creators and understanding their backgrounds . . . what it takes to get where they have gotten.” —Ashley

How can you get involved?

Follow us closely on Twitter and Facebook from October 5th to 8th! Ask us any questions you might have about the New York Comic Con experience, watch Ashley’s live videos, and share them with teachers and students you think might be interested.

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