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Check out these fantastic stories about schools that have implemented the Zulama program!

At Elizabeth Forward High School (PA)

Elizabeth Forward dedicates its new tech center

“I’ve watched non-traditional students excel,” Wilson said. “They’re now looking at games from a new perspective.” More: Trib LIVE News

Elizabeth Forward’s Entertainment Technology Academy

Now, says Keruskin, “kids are staying after school … and proposing a video game club. That’s what we’re excited about.” More: Pittsburgh Kids + Creativity Network

Pittsburgh schools take students on wild rides through science, teach video game design

“The collaboration and the creation that students get to do is far more intrinsically motivating than any other course that I’ve seen offered in my mere 10 years of education,” says Heather Hibner, a teacher at Elizabeth Forward. More: Pop City

When It Comes to Education, Let’s Be The Jetsons Not The Flintstones

“The district is the first anywhere to introduce graduate-level courses inspired by Carnegie Mellon University that teach game design to high school students.” More: Huffington Post

Transforming a School District, One Classroom at a Time

“Teachers use game design theory to offer engaging, effective English, math, art, design, and computer science curriculum.” More: Remake Learning Playbook

At Harmony High School (FL)

Creating and playing games in the classroom

This video news story showcases the Zulama students at Harmony High School! Watch:

At North Hills High School (PA)

Visit the North Hills High School Student Arcade here!

Student interest, skills demands prompt game course additions at North Hills High

“The knowledge is so beneficial in so many different careers, including software engineering, computer science, and even the artistic side of animation,” Clark said. More: Trib LIVE News

Game time is different in North Hills classroom

“It’s really interesting to learn about the cultural things behind gaming,” said Anthony Black, 17, a senior from Ross. Black wants to be a web designer and already has done some web freelance projects. More: Trib LIVE News

At Knoch High School (PA)

Zulama course (mostly) fun and games for Knoch High School students

“When it comes to board games, I know the classics like Monopoly and Apples to Apples, but there’s such a variety of games,” said Julie Kasunic, 16, a junior. “They’re a great learning tool to expand how you think.” More: Trib LIVE News

At Hanover Middle School (PA)

Hanover Middle class learns evolution of games

“They are learning to be learners and do their own research,” Bitler said. “I didn’t have to tell that student to Google that. He just did it. I’m less of a lecturer now and more of a facilitator.” More: The Evening Sun

At Plymouth North High School (MA)

New tech ed curriculum will teach students how to design and market computer games

“The course has already drawn significant interest among students signing up for classes for next fall. Nearly 500 students have requested the foundation course.” More: Wicked Local: Plymouth

At South Fayette School District (PA)

South Fayette educators creating a national model for computational thinking

“Zulama will guide professional development on the fundamentals of game-based design.” More: Next Pittsburgh

At Delphos St. John’s High School (OH)

Zulama new buzz word at St. John’s High School

“I am excited about teaching this new course,” MacLennan said. “This will give our students another opportunity to learn and add new curriculum to the high school. I already have a student who is looking at a college for this.” More: The Delphos Herald

At Ligonier Valley High School (PA)

Higher-tech curriculum wins approval at Ligonier Valley

“Tech-savvy curriculum is coming to Ligonier Valley High School.” More: Trib LIVE News

Latrobe, Ligonier Valley high schools use Carnegie Mellon University programs to teach technology

“It pulls the kids in right away,” Tatsch said. “It’s really focusing in on the 21st-century skills and the job skills that workplaces are looking for – working together, problem solving and critical thinking.” More: Trib LIVE News

Ligonier Valley to buy 3D printer for students

“As we’re moving more into the STEAM curriculum, this is seamless,” Kantor said of the high-tech printer. “This goes right into it.” More: Trib LIVE News

At Burrell School District (PA)

Burrell’s curriculum evolves creatively

“The curriculum should help modernize some of the district’s arts and other electives,” she said. They will offer game design, screenwriting and related classes. “I’m very excited about what this will bring us down the road,” Wagner said. More: Trib LIVE News

At Jefferson County ESC (OH)

Get in the Game with New Courses at JCESC

“Jefferson County Educational Service Center is excited to announce the addition of the Entertainment Technology Program to the Virtual Learning Academy online course offerings.” More: Ohio Valley Life

At Pittsburgh Milliones, University Prep (PA)

W.Pa. schools integrate design, coding into core courses

“You wonder when you first see the classes, ‘Are they really learning?’” he said. “But you see the result immediately; it’s all probability and statistics. Students are responding. They’re raising their hands answering in-depth questions and it all relates back to other skills. Gaming to learn is totally relevant.” More: Trib LIVE News

Zulama Company Features

EdTech Startup Q&A with Nikki Navta, founder of Zulama

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Smart Cities: What is the Secret to Pittsburgh’s Innovative Mindset?

More: Getting Smart

SETDA Names Emerging Private Sector Partners

Zulama was selected as one of nine Emerging Partners for the 2015 State Educational Technology Director’s Association (SETDA) cohort.

More: The Journal