Studio Space

Why a Studio?

How can your students think outside of the box when they are stuck inside one?

Our Suggestions

Here are some suggestions to help you create the optimal studio space:


  • Divide the room into creative sections (for example: brainstorming, building, playing)
  • Walls painted in bright, cheery colors, brightly colored artwork
  • Storage space for art materials and unfinished projects
  • Tables coated with marker-erasable paint


  • Table space for students to comfortably design and build projects
  • Mobile furniture
  • Tables for group work and large projects
  • Lounging/game playing areas, beanbag chairs


  • An interactive projector
  • Laptops/netbooks for freedom of movement
  • Wireless internet


Apply for an Active Learning Center Grant from Steelcase.


Here are a few examples of high-quality studio designs.