Promotional Materials

Digital Welcome Package

Download our Digital Welcome Package here. Inside you’ll find information on the Zulama courses, teacher resources, logos, parent and student promotional materials, and more!

More Resources

Below are some sample documents to help you get started. Contact us if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t listed, or if you would like us to customize any of this information for your school.

“Bling” for you to help advertise the program and decorate your classrooms:

Ideas for Addressing the School Board and Parents

In tight fiscal times, how can you add one more program? Think of Zulama not as adding a program, but as a way to modernize your curriculum. Job trends are changing and employers are looking for different skills now than they did thirty years ago. Are you still offering Keyboarding? How about programming courses that start off with the “Hello World” project?

Zulama’s courses address the skills and experience employers in our new global economy are looking for.

Help your school build awareness of the program by:

  • Placing Zulama courses in the High School Course Catalog
  • Making announcements at events and assemblies
  • Showing the Zulama videos (can be found here [link to video page])
  • Announcing the program in your school newsletter
  • Telling your community about this new program
  • Putting up posters
  • Distributing brochures
  • Placing Zulama courses on school’s website