Math Game Design


Create your own math game to help you and your friends learn math concepts such as probability and chance.


Students will be able to…

  • Define the four elements of game design: mechanics, story, aesthetics, and technology
  • Design a math game prototype
  • Develop a design document that explains the game elements
  • Playtest, iterate, and present a final version of a game

Total Completion Time

Approximately 15 Hours

Student Work

Here are some examples of the work that students will complete in this course:

Inside Math Game Design

Inside MGD


Course Documents

Materials & Games

  • Basic art supplies such as construction paper, markers, colored pencils, scissors, tape, glue, rulers, straws, masking tape, and cardboard
  • Playing cards (one deck per two students)
  • Dice (two six-sided dice per student)


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