Introduction to Computer Science through Game Design

BallBouncer02 - introduction to Computer Science“When you are coding to build a game, you can easily see the results of your code, the point of coding, the power of coding.” —Zulama Student

This high school course hooks kids who are curious about programming! Games make computer science relatable and provide students with immediate feedback in their coding. They’re are introduced concepts like loops, variables, conditionals, and arrays in an easy, step-by-step method that builds confidence and original, portfolio-worthy games!

Outcomes & Objectives


  • Design, code, debug, and implement an original 2D digital game using GML scripting language


  • Navigate GameMaker: Studio software
  • Explore computer science principles
  • Use algorithms and abstraction to build an executable 2D game 

  • Learn object-oriented programming
  • Use pair programming, an agile software development technique, to create fully playable games


This is a full-year (two semesters or three trimesters) high school course.

Course Documents

Syllabus pdf-icon    Scope and Sequence pdf-icon    Content Standardspdf-icon

Inside Introduction to Computer Science through Game Design

 Technical Specs

GameMaker Studio must be downloaded and installed onto computers with a Windows or Mac operating system. GameMaker Studio is not supported on devices such as Chromebooks or iPads.

Zulama-licensed schools can purchase GameMaker Studio licenses at an exclusive price of $25/computer. Contact Zulama at for more information on how to receive this discounted rate.

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