Engage Students With Their Futures

Game Design Opens the Door to Many Careers

Want to ignite students’ imaginations about their futures and expose them to skills that can shape their futures? Game design uses something teenagers love to engage them writing, programming, art, and business, as well as 21st Century skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Created with faculty at Carnegie Mellon University’s game design program, the Zulama Modern Learning Computer Science Platform translates the University’s professional Masters program to high school; offering eleven rigorous, standards-aligned, cross-curricular 80-120 hour long courses, nine 15-20 hour short courses, and two 160-240 hour computer science courses. All courses are easy to implement and flexible and contain expertly crafted activities, projects, and content delivered digitally into your classrooms, where students participate in hands-on, project-based activities.

The package offers schools access to the entire Zulama curriculum, complete with digital curriculum, teacher materials, and support.

Creating Career-Ready Students

Courses in this package prepare students to take the following professional certification exams:


Modern Learning Computer Science Platform

The Modern Learning Computer Science Platform includes:


The curriculum license period is from July 1 to June 30 each year. Your Teacher Training can be scheduled any time. Access to the Platform and Curriculum is granted at Teacher Training.