Smithsonian Teacher Resources

Are you an educator looking for rigorous, yet engaging FREE science resources?! The place to start is NOT a Google search! Start right here on the Smithsonian Institution’s Educator web page. You can search by keyword or state standards to find exactly what you need.

I just returned from the Youth Access Grant Panel at the Smithsonian in DC where I spent two days analyzing and making recommendations for grants to be awarded to Smithsonian employees/educators for projects that aim to give underserved and disadvantaged youth the STEAM education that their schools are failing to deliver.

From hands-on watershed studies to telling the story of their own family’s migration, some of the projects are truly inspiring. I can’t wait to follow the positive impact they will surely have.

The Youth Access Grants were made possible by a $30 million endowment from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Kudos to the foundation for supporting education!

Yet I was left wondering why our schools [that are already being funded by taxpayer’s dollars] aren’t doing a better job providing the education young people need?!

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