Growth Mindset – Part 1

Janna Peskett (@jannapeskett) and Anthony Colannino (@AJCMindset) from Mindset Works joined Nikki Navta to discuss Growth Mindset in the classroom. Janna and Anthony provide ideas for how to integrate the language of growth into teacher-student communication. They discuss various methods for framing challenges and giving critical feedback.

Part 1 of 2

Still wondering if Minecraft can be educational?

One of the best write-ups we’ve seen about how teachers and students are using Minecraft in intriguing and real-world ways, can be found here on Quartz.

The following video was a quick project created by one kid, here’s what his mom said:

Last week, I had reached out for help in finding a tool to create a simulated water filtration plant. One coach recommended using Minecraft. My son is a Minecraft aficionado; he had not thought to use it. All I had to do was mention using it, and he was off and running. On Saturday morning, I walked into the room and found that he had already created half of the simulation. On Sunday, we discussed how we were going to capture the video, since he did it on the xBox, not on the computer. Rather than invest in a capture card ($20-$2,500), we experimented with simply setting up a camera on a tripod. It worked. On Monday night, he finished creating it. This morning, we recorded it.

This was an extra credit project. He is using all of the vocabulary learned in the unit. He is talking about the content. He has internalized the process. Sounds like content area literacy to me. 😉



Job Outlook Infographic: Zulama = Good Prep

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Job Outlook & Starting Salaries for New Grads
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