Game Design Bootcamp

Learn the mechanics of game design, the creative process of designing a game, and practice what you learn by making your own game! You will design, build and decorate a game that you and your friends test and play.

Summer Program Topics

  • Overview of Games and the Creative Process (idea generation, brainstorming)
  • What is a Game?
  • What is Game Design?
  • The Game Design Process
  • Game Development (paper prototyping, testing, and revising)
  • Game Mechanics and Dynamics

Length: Approximately 30 hours.

Ages/Grade Levels: Recommended for 8th-12th graders.


  • Zulama provides an instructor, materials and curriculum for $2,200. Travel, meals, and lodging not included (billed at cost).
  • Up to 30 students per instructor.
  • Teachers/adults are encouraged to participate (no extra cost).
  • For an additional $200, our instructor will conduct daily post-workshop training so your teachers can lead future Game Design Workshops.
  • Most schools charge students $300 to $350 each.
  • Snacks, drinks, and lunches can be provided at cost plus a 10% administrative fee.

Sample Schedule

Day 1   Morning: Game Theory and Discussion, Afternoon: Play Existing Game

Day 2   Morning: Game Theory and Brainstorm, Afternoon: Create Rough Prototype

Day 3   Morning: Playtest and Game Theory, Afternoon: Workshop

Day 4: Workshop

Day 5   Morning: Workshop, Afternoon: Final Critique

Zulama Game Design Bootcamp