Making Mobile Games

Learn to build and test your own mobile games! Activities include wireframing, storyboarding, and playtesting.





Students will be able to…

  • Identify game design principles found in many mobile games
  • Use GameSalad game design software
  • Balance an unbalanced game
  • Apply progression and feedback to a game
  • Effectively playtest a game

Total Completion Time

Approximately 20 Hours

Student Work

Below are some examples of the projects that students complete in this course:



Inside Making Mobile Games

Inside MMG


Course Documents

Software and Hardware Specs

GameSalad must be downloaded and installed onto computers with a Mac or Windows operating system. GameSalad is not supported by devices such as Chromebooks or iPads.

Zulama-licensed schools can purchase GameSalad licenses at an exclusive price of $45/user. Contact Zulama at for more information on how to receive this discounted rate.

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