James2Making Mobile Games

Use GameSalad to make your own mobile game. Activities include using tutorials, “modding” games, wireframing, storyboarding, and playtesting. Explore game design principles such as game objectives, feedback, and progression.



Students will be able to…

  • Identify game design principles found in many mobile games
  • Use GameSalad, a free game design toolkit
  • Balance an unbalanced game
  • Apply progression and feedback to a game
  • Effectively playtest a game

Total Completion Time

Approximately 20 Hours

Student Work

Here are some examples of the projects that students complete in this course:


Inside Making Mobile Games

Inside MMG


Course Documents

Software and Hardware Specs

sc making mobile games tech specs

The Zulama Making Mobile Games course is correlated to the free version of GameSalad Creator, which is available through Zulama. You will find the free version in the Lesson 1 Downloads section of your Making Mobile Games course.

The paid version of GameSalad Creator can be downloaded from GameSalad’s website here.