Gamestar Mechanic Game Design

-Student Teacher-

Learn how to apply five elements of game design to build a game using Gamestar Mechanic. You will create a design document, prototype, and playtest.




Students will be able to…

  • Identify and apply the five components of game design
  • Develop a video game design document
  • Use Gamestar Mechanic’s drag and drop features to create a playable game
  • Write player messages
  • Implement the iterative design process

Total Completion Time

Approximately 18 Hours

Student Work

Here are some examples of student work created with Gamestar Mechanic:


Inside Gamestar Mechanic Game Design

Inside GMGD


Course Documents

Software and Hardware Specs

sc gs mechanic tech specs

Students will access Gamestar Mechanic here. Information on firewall configurations for Gamestar Mechanic can be found here.

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