Coding with GameMaker

IMG_0291 This Short Course is part of our Game Design Fundamentals Package, a set of nine courses that are perfect for embedding into middle and high school courses, or using in summer camps and after school programs.

No programming experience is required! You will code your very own stand-alone executable game using GameMaker™.


Students will be able to…

  • Demonstrate proficiency using the free GameMaker Studio programming language
  • Use variables, conditional statements, loops, and arrays in programming
  • Understand game events and how to write code to respond to the events
  • Effectively debug code by playtesting a game

Total Completion Time

Approximately 20 hours

Student Work

Here are some examples of the work that students will complete in this course:


Inside Coding with GameMaker

Inside CwGM


Course Documents

Software and Hardware Specs

  GameMaker Studio must be downloaded and installed onto computers with a Windows operating system. GameMaker Studio is not supported on devices such as Chromebooks or iPads. Zulama-licensed schools can purchase GameMaker Studio licenses at an exclusive price of $25/computer. Contact Zulama at for more information on how to receive this discounted rate.