Why do we cry at movies? Or cheer? Why do thrillers put us on the edge of our seats? This course will help you understand, critique, and write dramatic stories for modern media including movies, games, and television. You’ll develop skills in creative writing, awareness, provisional acting, collaborative storytelling, and creative self-confidence as you craft your own original story.

Outcomes & Objectives


  • Identify the elements of dramatic storytelling
  • Articulate the importance of conflict in story structure
  • Create one or more acts built around an interesting theme that incorporates rising action
  • Develop well defined archetype and hero characters
  • Present final, creative script for peer review

Student Work

Here are some examples of past student work completed in this course:

Screenwriting in Action

Hear more about Screenwriting from the student, teacher, and Zulama trainer perspective.

Inside Screenwriting

Inside SW

Recommended Course Sequence


Career Opportunities

Students who complete this course will be more well prepared for careers such as:

  • Anthropologist
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Game Publisher, Designer, Developer
  • Logistician
  • Media-Related Career
  • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner
  • Producer/Director
  • Project Manager
  • Sociologist
  • Technical Writer
  • Urban Planner
  • Video Game Tester
  • Web Developer
  • Writer, Author, Editor