Real-World Projects

real world projects-Once students have completed the Zulama foundations course (Evolution of Games), two or more Skills courses, and Game Production and Marketing, it’s time to put their new skills to use for an outside client!

They will work with businesses, non-profits, schools, and other community organizations to gain experience with “real world” clients. Pay back to your community by creating apps, art, games, website, and more for local businesses.

Each community is different and offers unique and exciting opportunities to students. Because of this, Zulama may not be able to make business connections for you. But we can guide you through the process and get you set up with a “blueprint for success.”

Client and Project Examples:

  • Students can work on projects for their school, such as creating games for younger students in order to help them learn new concepts they may struggle with.
  • Students can open a “tech support lab” for the community. The lab would not necessarily aim to fix hardware and software, but to help people learn about social media tools, software, apps, and even help them discover new types of games.
  • Students can identify a community group whose mission aligns with a particular social concern, and offer to build an appropriate tool to help the group. For instance, a group of students who are concerned with childhood obesity could work with a local food bank, YMCA, etc.
  • Schools could hold a showcase day and invite local businesses to see the projects that students have worked on in their Zulama courses. Businesses could “pitch” some ideas for apps and have students brainstorm ideas and form teams to work with the businesses.
  • Students can come up with something completely original! At Zulama, we encourage high school students to flex their creative muscle.

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