Zulama Modern Learning Platform Packages

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The Zulama curriculum was created by educators at the world-renowned Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. The Zulama Modern Learning Platform Packages include the Zulama Long Courses. Each Long Course contains approximately 80-120 hours of lessons, activities, projects, and content. The courses are delivered digitally into your classrooms, where students participate in hands-on, project-based activities and assignments. Our approach to blended learning combines the best of digital and real-world learning.

Zulama Long Courses are the perfect curriculum for replacing outdated elective courses, creating your own Game Design Academy, and embedding into current middle and high school courses.

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All course content is available through the Zulama Learning and Content Management System. All you need is a web browser, and just about any device, including PCs, Macs, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile devices.

Modern Learning Platform Training

The Zulama professional development program includes self-paced online courses, in-person sessions, and ongoing live support. We prepare teachers to facilitate a new way of interest-driven learning in their classrooms. More information about the Modern Learning Platform Training package can be found here.

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Zulama provides the support teachers need to get started with confidence and success. Zulama provides a comprehensive knowledge base, video tutorials, teacher forums, and a live online support system. More information about Teacher Support can be found here.

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The curriculum license period is from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Your Teacher Training can be scheduled any time. Access to the Platform and Curriculum is granted at Teacher Training.